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This page discusses some important similarities and differences between the subject wikis and other similar efforts.

Comparison with other wiki-style knowledge base efforts

Tabular list of other wiki-style knowledge base efforts

Title Subtitle/slogan Primary URL Funding model More information Comparison with subject wikis
Wikipedia the free encyclopedia that anyone can edit (multilingual portal), (English language version) Server hosting, software improvement, and legal/organizational management funded through donations via the Wikimedia Foundation Resource:Wikipedia Subwiki:Subwiki versus Wikipedia
Tricki a repository of mathematical know-how Privately funded (?) Resource:Tricki Subwiki:Subwiki versus Tricki
nLab Privately funded Resource:nLab Subwiki:Subwiki versus nLab
Quantiki  ? Resource:Quantiki Subwiki:Subwiki versus Quantiki
ProofWiki Privately funded, also seek donations through site support page Resource:ProofWiki Subwiki:Subwiki versus ProofWiki
Planetmath Math for the people, by the people Privately funded; seek donation/sponsorship through this webpage Resource:Planetmath Subwiki:Subwiki versus Planetmath
Mathworld the web's most extensive mathematics resource Funded by Wolfram Research Inc., a private for-profit company Resource:Mathworld Subwiki:Subwiki versus Mathworld
Manifold Atlas Project Sponsored by Hausdorff Center for Mathematics
Tangent Bundle: Mathematics Project Unclear

Key similarities

The following are similarities between the subject wikis and many of these similar efforts.

Trait for similarity How the traits are similar Exceptions in above list?
Accessibility of content All content is freely available on the World Wide Web and accessible using a browser without the need for any subscription, login, or payment.
Licensing of content Content is licensed using an "open" license such as CC-by-SA, CC-by-NC-SA or the GFDL. Mathworld
Editability of content Content can be edited by anybody, possibly subject to registration/login requirements Mathworld (proposed articles or edits must be sent to a moderator who then may or may not put it up); Manifold Atlas Project allows editing but differentiates between approved and unapproved articles; Planetmath uses an ownership model where the person to create an article has authority over subsequent edits to that article.
One topic, one article Articles are the fundamental unit of organization. Each "topic" gets its own article subject to various criteria None, though there are differing interpretations of what constitutes a valid article topic.

Key differences

We focus on ways in which the subject wikis are different from all, or most, other alternatives.

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