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Property definition articles are particular kinds of definition articles, where the definiendum (term being defined) is a property. This page discusses the overall design and organization of property definition articles. The principles discussed here build on the general principles for definition articles.

Goals of the property definition article

Content goals

The property definition article should provide:

  • A clear definition of the property, sufficient to give a clear criterion of whether an object satisfies or does not satisfy the property.
  • A representative range of examples.
  • The relation with other properties over the same collection of objects: what properties are stronger, what properties are weaker, and what properties are otherwise closely related.
  • The metaproperties satisfied and not satisfied by the property.

Link goals

The definition article should provide brief information with further links to:

  • Articles detailing the history of the property: how it was first considered, and what it is used for today.
  • Survey articles explaining how to understand the definition of the property and how to test whether an object in the collection satisfies the property.
  • Explanations of property satisfactions and dissatisfactions: For objects satisfying the property, links to proofs/explanations of why the objects satisfy the property.
  • Explanations of property implications and non-implications: For stronger and weaker properties, links to proofs/explanations of the implication and also of the breakdown of the reverse implication.
  • Explanations of metaproperty satisfactions and dissatisfactions.

Article-tagging templates

Further information: Subwiki:Property space-specification template

A property definition article has a property space-specification template. This template may be of the following kinds:

  • An ordinary template, which simply states that the given property is a property over a certain collection of objects. This includes the page in a category listing all properties over that collection of objects, and also provides links to the category list as well as to relevant definitions.
  • A conjunction template, which states that the given property is the conjunction (AND) of two other properties.
  • A pivotal property template, which states that the given property is one of the pivotal, or important, properties over a certain collection of objects.