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Wiki Main topic Number of pages (lower bound) Creation month State of development Content actively being added? Error log maintained?
Groupprops Group theory 7200 December 2006 beta Occasionally here
Topospaces Topology (point set, algebraic) 600 May 2007 alpha No here
Commalg Commutative algebra 400 January 2007 alpha No No errors reported yet
Diffgeom Differential geometry 400 February 2007 alpha No No errors reported yet
Number Number theory 200 March 2009 alpha No No errors reported yet
Market Economic theory of markets, choices, and prices 100 January 2009 alpha Occasionally here
Mech Classical mechanics 50 January 2009 alpha No here
Calculus Calculus 50 August 2011 alpha No here
Learning Learning, teaching, and pedagogy 25 September 2013 alpha Occasionally --

NOTE: The creation month need not coincide with the month of MediaWiki installation. In cases where the wiki was ported from elsewhere, the creation month may be earlier; in other cases, it may be later if the first edits happened long after installation.