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  • Groupprops: The Group Properties Wiki (currently, around 2000 pages). Main topic is group theory
  • Topospaces: The Topology Wiki (currently, around 400 pages). Main topics are point-set topology and algebraic topology
  • Commalg: The Commutative Algebra Wiki (currently, around 300 pages). Main topic is commutative algebra, with some algebraic geometry.
  • Diffgeom: The Differential Geometry Wiki
  • Measure: The Measure Theory Wiki (to be set up)
  • Noncommutative: The Noncommutative Algebra Wiki
  • Companal: The Complex Analysis Wiki
  • Cattheory: The Category Theory Wiki (just started)

Some upcoming subject wikis:

  • Number: The Number Theory Wiki
  • Mech: The Classical Mechanics Wiki
  • Linear: The Theoretical and Computational Linear Algebra Wiki
  • Galois: The Field Theory and Galois Theory Wiki
  • Market: The Economic Theory of Markets, Choices and Prices Wiki