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This page describes important historical milestones in the historical development of subject wikis. Due to imperfect records, precise dates are not available, but information is available up to the month:

Month Event
December 2006 The Group Properties Wiki was created at this URL:
January/February 2007 The Group Properties Wiki was moved to this URL: and other wikis such as Commalg and Diffgeom were created at
May 2007 The Topospaces (Topology) Wiki was created.
March 2008 The domain name was purchased.
May 2008 Groupprops and the other subject wikis were moved over to the domain, where they currently reside.
January 2009 MediaWiki installations were done for many other subject wikis; the Subject Wikis Blog was created.
September 2010 For the first time, Groupprops logged 1000+ human pageviews in a single day.
December 2010 Groupprops crossed 1 million pageviews as logged by MediaWiki (this also includes non-human pageviews) -- this does not include pageviews prior to May 2008.