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In group theory

Simple group: A nontrivial group that has only two normal subgroups: the whole group and the trivial subgroup.

Related terms: Almost simple group, quasisimple group, characteristically simple group, simple algebraic group

Term variations: Groupprops:Category:Variations of simplicity

Primary subject wiki entry: Groupprops:Simple group

Also located at: Wikipedia:Simple group, Mathworld:SimpleGroup, Springer Online Reference Works

In noncommutative ring theory

Simple ring: A nonzero unital ring in which the only two-sided ideals are the whole ring and the zero ideal.

Primary subject wiki entry: Noncommutative:Simple ring

In topology

Simple space: A path-connected space with Abelian fundamental group whose induced action on all higher homotopy groups is trivial.

Primary subject wiki entry: Topospaces:Simple space