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Evaluation on key parameters

Schistosomiasis Control Initiative (SCI) is a recommended organization.

Parameter One-word summary More details (section in this page)
Evidence of effectiveness Strong #Independent evidence of program effectiveness
Cost-effectiveness Excellent #Independent evidence of program effectiveness
Funding gap aka room for more funding Significant #Room for more funding
Transparency  ?  ?
Monitoring and evaluation Strong #Internal monitoring: large-scale programs

Summary of who they are and what they do

Item Value
Countries of operation  ? (African countries)
Headquarters Imperial College, London, United Kingdom
Goals Create or scale up mass drug administration programs for neglected tropical diseases (NTD), particularly schistosomiasis and soil-transmitted helminths (STHs), in school-aged children and other groups determined to be at high risk.
Method summary Advocate for the benefits of mass drug distributions to government officials.
Assist with planning and fund raising.
Deliver funding and drugs to governments.
Provide financial management and technical support.
Develop procedures for monitoring and evaluation.
Previous sources of funding grant from Gates Foundation (private philanthropic foundation)
grants from USAID (US federal grantmaking agency)
grants from DFID (US federal grantmaking agency)

Review process

The review of SCI began in 2009. Below are details of the kind of inputs used in the review process.

What we sought to learn How we learned it
Effectiveness and other effects of these kinds of programs Study of the published literature
Details of the big picture of SCI's operations Extensive communications with SCI Director Alan Fenwick to discuss SCI's methods and funding needs
meetings with other staff at SCI's headquarters in London
Requesting and reviewing SCI internal financial and organizational documents.
Feel for how SCI's programs are run on the ground Visiting a national schistosomiasis control program meeting and demonstration mass drug administration in Malawi (site visit: October 2011)